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" PAKEWAY is a pet products company integrating technology research and development, product design, brand management and market sales. The company currently has a production line for injection molding products and is building an animal health product production line. The company can focus on light asset management, and adopts the 0EM mode for products that are not technically strong and have low added value. At the same time, the company pays attention to research and development, and adopts its own production mode for products with technical barriers and high added value. Therefore, two production lines have been established."
"The injection molding line is used for product development and testing, as well as to optimize production and optimize production to maximize production efficiency in order to maintain capacity. At present, millions of devices have been invested, and the annual output value can reach 30 to 40 million, and equipment will continue to be added one after another. The company will establish an animal health product research and development laboratory in the factory, establish a research and development team R & D base, and undertake the production tasks of animal health products."