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Name π Series No.10 Pet Nail Clipper
Material ABS, TPE, Metal, Epoxy resin, Chip, etc
【About Size】All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged)at 0.5-1cm,the exact size is based on real object
【About Color】 Because of the different display of each computer, the pictures and objects will be slightly different. In the fut
Whether the skin is healthy is clear at a glance

Innovative design of UV lamp, professional purple light detection,The main UV wavelength is 365nm-370nm stronger penetrating power and does not hurt pets' eyes and skin.

  • Illuminate blood lines to prevent hurting nails

    Highlight LED light help help you clearly see the pet's bloolines. greatly reducing the risk of injury to your pet.
  • Powerful enough to trim your pets’ nails with just one cut

    The blade made of hard stainless steel, Arc design blade, sharp and durable.
  • Free Nail File included

    Built-in nail file, polish the nail to prevent accidental injury,Hidden design and no worry about losing it.
  • Power assisted design

    Cute Q-shaped design make trimming easier,Thicker spring, automatic rebound, help to control the clipper.
  • Standard battery

    3 batteries extra long standby, At least lasts for one year.
  • Fluorescence principle rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria

    When skin fungi grow on pet skin. metabolites will produce special bright fluorescence under ultraviolet light.
  • Daily testing as a precaution

    Irradiate the skin and ears of pets. if it emits fluorescence, it is a skin disease, such as ringworm, ear mites, etc. Irradiate pet excrement to prevent bacterial infection.

Made of environmentally friendly materials,safe,non-toxic,no odor,bite-resistant,durable